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Spirit Animal Oracle

Spirit Animal Oracle


Product description

A beautiful 68-card Spirit Animal oracle card deck from world-renowned
oracle card expert, with over a million oracle card decks sold,  best-selling author, and internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher  Colette Baron-Reid.This healing animal spirit cards oracle deck will help you receive divine guidance from the Higher Spirits of animals, insects, fish, and birds.

Work with the archetypal energies of animals to move beyond obstacles and have conversations with Spirit.

The spirits residing in the natural world have much wisdom to share, and the secrets of their forgotten language are now available to you through The Spirit Animal Oracle Cards. 

They urge us to reclaim our essential Truth--that we are one in Spirit, connected to every living thing on this earth in a unified consciousness. 

As an animist, Colette Baron-Reid profoundly believes in the presiding spirit of all living things. At a young age, her father taught her about the ancient Slavic folklore influencing her ancestry. He taught her the art of tasseomancy, to read Turkish coffee cups, where many Spirit animals populated the imagery in the grounds. This oracle deck is dedicated to the memory of her Dad.

With the draw of an oracle card, you can  better navigate your life,and tune in to your infinite potential.

Example Cards Include:

·        Bee Spirit - “Sweet results await.” The Bee Spirit’s message is that sweet rewards are on their way if you are willing to get your ego out of the way and immerse yourself in the connected energy of all things.

·        Eagle Spirit - “Spirit has your back.”  Think of the eagles flying high above the other birds, soaring on the wind.
          Eagle Spirit has appeared to ask whether you’re willing to soar to new heights, even if that means    solitude for a short while.

·        Elephant Spirit - “Learn from the past.” Although we often wish we could leave the past behind, Elephant Spirit reminds us that memory matters. We must respect the wisdom of the elders who hand down to us traditions they have shaped to express our connection to each other and respect for the community.

·       Lion Spirit “Be generous of spirit.”  A healthy ego means you ease God’s order instead of edging God out. Lion Spirit’s appearance is a reminder that you have been given the gift of pride and a healthy sense of your worth to express your divine, authentic self in a unique way.

·        Panther Spirit - Reclaim Your Power
It takes courage to face challenges and right now, Panther Spirit is here to say that you are braver than you think. 

"Have you heard the call to open a conversation with Spirit— with the intelligent, conscious universe that you are an intrinsic part of?

Using this spirit animal oracle card deck, you will learn how to tap into the wisdom of the hidden realms so that you may act in a manner that will bring more purpose, meaning, magic, and prosperity to your life. 


Welcome, seeker, for you’ve come to the right place!"

Love always,


Every animal in this beautifully illustrated 68-card deck has a universal message of deep, enduring truth. 


The Spirit Animal Oracle will help you awaken to your partnership with Spirit to co-create your reality in service to the world.

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